Summer 2021

Grassroots Advocacy Toolkit


Budget 2021 confirmed that the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) and Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) programs will be aggressively winding down between July and September 2021.


While public health restrictions and the Canadian border barriers are expected to lift in a slow and phased approach over the summer, increased uncertainty around the reopening of our international borders, the absence of major tourism events and conventions, the slow return of business travel and Canadians’ habits to travel south in the cold months leave the tourism industry forecasting a revenue crisis in the autumn and winter just as the CEWS and CERS shut down. As a result, Canada could lose vital elements of its globally competitive tourism sector, including our critical infrastructure like hotels, which supports 2 million jobs.


HAC is launching a campaign, with the goal of securing a commitment from government to establish a tailored wage and fixed cost support program at the earliest opportunity, with a focus on the hardest-hit businesses.


An extension of CEWS and CERS at a subsidy rate of 20% will not be enough.​ 

Our campaign is designed to apply pressure while Members of Parliament are in their ridings. Over the summer, a strong local grassroots effort will be critical to create the problem and build political pressure - participation and engagement from members will be pivotal to our success.


The anticipated federal election timing also provides a unique opportunity for members to make their voices heard and continue the momentum following HAC’s previous advocacy success. We must ensure that Canada’s future federal government leaders understand the important role that the hotel & lodging sector plays in our economy and communities around the country. As a local hotelier, you have a critical role to play as you will be able to provide a more specific community perspective on issues related to the hotel industry, as well as the customers it serves and the workers it supports.


The main goal of this grassroots outreach is to explain to political decision makers that our industry is facing a near-certain financial crisis that will hit the hotel sector especially hard this fall and winter and that in order to ensure the survival of our sector, continued and tailored support will be necessary for those who need it most.

We hope to have your support during this campaign as we work together to ensure our issues of concern are at the top of the political agenda.


Make Your Voice Heard

This toolkit provides instructions on how to contact and request a meeting with your Member of Parliament (MP), and the information you need to effectively communicate our message with one voice, including key talking points, a meeting guide and how to prepare in advance for a meeting.



  1. Request a Meeting:
    Find your Member of Parliament by visiting the Parliament of Canada website and typing in your postal code. Remember to include your postal code(s) for both home and business, if different.


    • How to Request a Meeting

    • Meeting Guide & Tips 

    • Key Talking Points 


  1. Make your voice heard by sending a letter to your MP using a pre-populated letter. You can send a letter directly to your MP in a few simple clicks.


  1. Attend events that your MP will be holding or attending. 

  2. Contact their local campaign offices to learn more or stay informed through your local newspaper or their social media accounts. 

  3. With a federal election expected likely late summer/early fall, be prepared for MPs to come knocking at your door. Please refer to key talking points.  

  4. Speak to other party candidates once they are declared.



  1. Engage your social network in this campaign by sharing a message on your Twitter or LinkedIn page

  2. Thank your Member of Parliament for meeting with you, and share a photo (if consented) on your social media page.

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Meeting Guide & Tips

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